Learning Management Systems

Hal Richman provides consulting services for learning management system (LMS) procurement  in the areas of requirements definition, and vendor selection contracting. As well, he helps companies develop and implement LMS procedures for sustaining the LMS over time in areas such as maintenance, content management and support.

Hal can help answer your LMS questions, and ones you’ve never thought about, drawing from his 25 years of facilitating numerous learning management system procurements, in markets such as intergovernmental organizations, civil service departments, certifying organizations and private sector training companies. He also has over ten years of on-the-ground experience in developing and implementing LMS procedures.

Digital Media/Animation Tax Credits

Hal Richman offers a complete suite of advisory services for the Nova Scotia Digital Media Tax Credit and Digital Animation Tax Credit. He can assist with the preparation of successful applications, and address questions from the Nova Scotia Department of Finance. Through his successful work for firms in Nova Scotia such as Alpha Dog Games, ZeniMax Halifax, Blue House Energy, Binogi Canada, Vesuvius Media, Ubisoft and Current Studios, Hal has developed a detailed understanding of the rules and requirements for the tax credits. Hal has filed $2.6M of approved Part B applications since 2016.