DMTC and DATC Advisory Services

Hal Richman provides advisory services for firms applying for the Digital Media Tax Credit (DMTC) and the Digital Animation Tax Credit (DATC). As well, he acts as an agent to submit the tax credit applications on behalf of the applicant.

Hal has in-depth experience and expertise in financial and management accounting via his training as a Certified Management Consultant; managing the financial and management accounting for several businesses for the last 25+ years; and developing numerous business plans involving complex budgets and financial projections.

Through his successful work for firms in Nova Scotia such as Alpha Dog Games, ZeniMax Halifax, Blue House Energy, Binogi Canada, Vesuvius Media, Ubisoft and Maritime Digital Art and Design. Hal Richman has developed a detailed understanding of the rules and requirements for the tax credits. Hal has filed over $3M of approved Part B applications since 2016.

Expected outcomes of the services include:

  • All requirements in the DMTC/DATC Guidelines are verified against the client’s product and information.
  • Applications are completed and submitted to the auditors (as needed) and the Nova Scotia Department of Finance.
  • Questions from the auditors and the Nova Scotia Department of Finance are addressed promptly.
  • “Products” are defined in a manner to enable future submissions of product versions.
  • Backup documents are in proper order (e.g. time sheets) in the event they are requested by the Nova Scotia Department of Finance