DMTC and DATC Tax Credit Services

Hal Richman provides compilation services for firms applying for the Digital Media Tax Credit (DMTC) and the Digital Animation Tax Credit (DATC). As well, he acts as an agent to submit the tax credit applications on behalf of the applicant.

Expected outcomes include:

  • All requirements in the DMTC/DATC Guidelines are verified against the client’s product and information.
  • Applications are completed and submitted to the auditors (as needed) and the Nova Scotia Department of Finance.
  • Questions from the auditors and the Nova Scotia Department of Finance are addressed promptly.
  • “Products” are defined in a manner to enable future submissions of product versions.
  • Backup documents are in proper order (e.g. time sheets) in the event they are requested by the Nova Scotia Department of Finance

Information needed for the DMTC applications will be compiled by HSR; however, the accuracy of the information and completeness and correctness of the representations reflected in the application is the responsibility of the client.

Note that Hal Richman does not provide any assurance work (Review Engagement/Audit) and is not making an opinion of any type respecting completeness or accuracy of the information provided by clients.