Hal Richman Bio


Hal Richman has a Ph.D. in Political Science where he studied how facilitation can help overcome power disparities in task-oriented groups. His undergraduate and graduate work includes studies in game theory, experimental design and qualitative and quantitative analysis.

He has been around the world evaluating international development programs in countries like Sri Lanka, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Timor-Leste. He provided consulting services in training and development to the United Nations Development Program for seven years.

Hal has strong business planning and “start-up experience”, as well as an entrepreneurial bent in a variety of technically focused industries such as software and energy efficiency. He was the president of Knowledge Navigators International, a pioneering start-up that developed an online learning and collaboration (sadly) before Facebook.

Hal provides consulting services for learning management system (LMS) procurement in the areas of requirements definition and vendor selection contracting. As well, he helps companies develop and implement LMS procedures for sustaining the LMS over time, in areas such as maintenance, content management and support.

He can help answer clients’ LMS questions, and ones they have never thought about, drawing from his 25 years of facilitating numerous learning management system procurements, in intergovernmental organizations, civil service departments, certifying organizations and private sector training companies. In addition, Hal has over ten years of on-the-ground experience in developing and implementing LMS procedures.

For the evaluation of training, Hal has developed a scaled down methodology for linking business strategy, performance and training evaluation, inspired by a decade of work in international development, for people who do not need a full-blown methodology.