LMS Procedures

Many vendors provide very good learning management system (LMS) implementation services. However, often the procedures that are needed for increased user satisfaction are not in place. This includes procedures for sustaining the learning management system over time in areas such as maintenance, content management and support.

Hal Richman has ten years of experience in developing and implementing LMS procedures that can include:

  • Documenting all roles and responsibilities for support, content development and management, e-commerce integration, etc.
  • Content management and backup
  • User support systems
  • Creating standard operating procedures for key functions such as:
    • Admin training
    • Content updates, backup and archiving
    • Course settings
    • Email notifications
    • File management
    • Pre-orders
    • QA and maintenance
    • Reporting
    • Scoring settings
    • User support

Hal also develops functional specifications for LMS integrations with systems such as Shopify, Hubspot and Chargebee.