LMS Procurement Services

The suite of services Hal Richman offers for learning management system (LMS) procurement includes:

Requirements Definition

  • Review issues with the current LMS (as needed)
  • Create a plan for a requirements gathering workshop that includes questions that you may have never thought about
  • Conduct the workshop with all stakeholders to gather requirements, including future requirements
  • Triage requirements based on clear business needs in sufficient detail. For example, reporting can mean many different things. The same is true for e-commerce integration.

Vendor Selection

  • Develop vendor selection criteria that are really important for your organization
  • Create a long list of vendors based on the selection criteria. If needed, Hal can draft an RFP to send to the long list.
  • Develop a vendor shortlist based on further analysis of vendor product info and reviews.
  • Create scripts for product demos
  • Schedule demos that focus on your requirements – not a dog and pony show.
  • Narrow the selection to three vendors and kick the tires on LMS sandboxes for each LMS.
  • Select a vendor


  • Review the vendor’s Master Service Agreement
  • Negotiate changes

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